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Supplier of 3D Glasses based in London, Plastic 3D Glasses, Custom Printed 3D Glasses UK Distributor for UAE and West Africa

The Original Viral Marketing

Have You Ever Heard Of An Advertisement That Customers Took Home To Show All Their Friends?
That’s what you get when your ad is featured on any of Thrillscape’s Imprintable Glasses. These great looking glasses are fun, and so your customers naturally hold on to them. Thrillscape 3D Glasses are made from a range of materials including paper and plastic 3D glasses. When your advertisement is printed on Thrillscape Glasses, every pair you distribute can reach an average of 27 people. What other advertising even comes close?

Thrilling Ads Work Better
Would you like to increase your advertising effectiveness by 200-500%?
Thrillscape Imprintable Glasses are the only advertising that gets passed around, taken home, and shown to friends again and again. Printing your message on these glasses could be the ONLY way that your best prospects will actually try to find your ad.

Fun is the key. What could be more fun that Thrillscape 3D glasses that turn every lightbulb into a burst of light? Or that make fireworks displays a 3D experience that you feel you can reach out and touch?

Tired of advertising that consumers work hard to ignore?
Most advertising is boring. Your advertising can be Thrilling!
When you print your ad on Thrillscape 3D glasses, it’s immediately transformed into fun entertainment that your customers will see again and again.
Thrillscape advertising works better. Why? Thrilling ads work better!

Who is your target market? Want to Thrill them?
Want to reach kids? Adults? Businesses? Homeowners?
Thrillscape 3D glasses can be included with cereal, soft drinks, in comics, magazines or newspapers, with toys or colouring books, or handed out at events.
High Profit Retail Product
Thrillscape 3D Glasses are a great addition to your retail displays.
They’re the most unique product you’ve ever sold, and we’ll bet that no one else in your area has discovered them. That makes you the only source of these fun glasses.
Thrillscape 3D glasses come in 8 different styles: (8 styles), so you get a high profit, repeat purchase item that customers of all ages will love.
Thrillscape 3D glasses come in an easy to use retail display to attractively show off all the different styles, attract customer attention, and build future sales.
Make Your Website 3D!
Your website can generate more "buzz" and inquiries than ever when you make it 3D! Most websites look alike. They just sit there.
But your customer will be thrilled by web graphics that literally jump off their computer screen. Increase time spent on your website, and launch a "viral" campaign that customers will forward to all their best friends. Any 2D graphic can be converted into a 3D image your customers will want to reach out and touch.
Ask about adding 3D graphics to your website with Chromadepth Web Page Design.

Motion gets Attention!
Your next advertising campaign can get more attention, just by adding motion.
How can print advertising move?
Wobble Vision makes your graphics come alive and almost jump off the page. It's like the work is shaking! Old fashioned print advertising just sits on the page. But your advertising can capture more attention, and more business. Now even printed pictures can move with Wobble Vision Wands.
Use them for fun effects in print advertising, websites, direct mail and on-pack advertising
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