3D Packaging
3D Packaging
For products that leap off the shelves, you need packaging that jumps out at the customer. Our Inpack and Onpack 3D packaging is perfect for everything from DVDs and games to cereals and drinks.

All our 3D packaging is completely unique to your needs, using whichever 3D technique will thrill your customers most. Choose from Chromadepth, Red/Cyan or even Holospex film to create packaging your customers can't help but notice!

We can also incorporate coupon campaigns, so get in touch and let us know your requirements.

A product’s package is literally the first impression the product makes. Thus, if you incorporate 3D into a product package, you definitely have a winner. And we’re not talking just including 3D glasses – we’re talking both in-pack and out-pack packaging. This makes the package just as attractive (and fun) as what’s inside! And means increased sales wherever they are. Because let’s be honest – something that “jumps” off the shelf has a better chance of landing in shopper’s baskets.


 DVD/CD Packaging

Inpack-Onpack Packaging

 DVD/CD Packaging Inpack-Onpack Packaging

Toys and Games Packaging

Toys and Games Packaging
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